…and the Bride wore…



It’s so SO wonderful to have finally revealed my dress to the world! I ordered it in November 2015 and the only people who knew which one I had picked were me, my mummy and the WONDERFUL Nicola at The White Wardobe in Hitchin. I’ve spoken all about how wonderful my experience was with her in a previous blog post which you can find here. I am SO lucky to be one of the last brides to wear this gorgeous design as Justin Alexander has stopped making it :(! Nicola also provided me with my beautiful full length veil which I would have worn for longer if the wind hadn’t wanted to steal it from me!!

Once I had picked up my beautiful gown, I was advised to go to Emily Victoria White in Knebworth for my alterations. We made an appointment and headed there a few weeks later wondering how the dress would fit after I had lost all my weight! The studio is just gorgeous, you enter through a single door between two shops, go down a long corridor and then up some stairs to the room where all the magic happens! Emily was met with a task bigger than any of us thought…

…yes! A lot of cutting and sewing was required! Sorry Emily! But she did do such a beautiful job of the dress, it fitted perfectly and was just so comfortable all day! So thank you Emily, for not only making my dream dress fit so beautifully but for also making sure Mum’s beautiful mother of the bride outfit was the perfect length for her little legs! (And for the shoe help!)

The finishing touch to my outfit on the day was my absolutely stunning, so-beautiful-I-almost-cried-when-I-saw-it bouquet! I was determined to do it myself but got so far and it was just missing something… That something was the magic and incredibly talented touch of Noeleen of The Basement Florist! Honestly, it is by far the most beautiful bouquet I could have ever dreamed of and it was PERFECT! Please, if you are looking for a florist to do ANYTHING for you, head to Noeleen, you won’t regret it!


It was made up of lots of artificial flowers we had bought, but also lots of lovely bits including real eucalyptus, all added by Noeleen!

My other accessories were a headband from eBay, shoes from John Lewis and a beautiful little delicate bracelet from Michael Kors courtesy of my Mumma!



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