One mahoosive thank you! (part 1)

It’s all over!

I will be writing a blog about the whole day when we have the pictures and videos back but for now, I just wanted to say some huge (belated because we were sunning ourselves for such a long time!) ‘thank yous’! So here goes:


Charlotte at Hitchin Priory – For all your hard work in the lead up to our big day (and it was a VERY long lead up!)

Charlotte was the third wedding coordinator we worked with (and the best!) which might have unnerved some people, but as soon as we met her, we loved her!

Thank you so much for pulling everything together and understanding our weird ramblings and ideas when we just threw them at you! Also, for putting up with my random questions when I fired emails at you left, right and centre. Without your incredible help, our day wouldn’t have been what it was! PERFECT!


Hayley (Hayley Pettit Photography) – For capturing EVERYTHING!IMG_9797

You know we love you, so I don’t really need to tell you that again! Thank you so much for capturing our day, for our little surprise package and for calming me down on the morning when I was stressing out about my stupid fringe (which wasn’t stupid, but I guess I needed to get stressed about ONE thing at least?!). From our engagement pics and our preview pictures on your blog, we cannot WAIT to see what else you have in store for us! You’re the best!


David Grace (D.G Pictures) – For capturing our day on film!

David was a LIFESAVER! After our original videographer cancelled on us, he stepped in and honestly, I wish we had found him first anyway! He was like a ninja on the day and we barely noticed him which is always good because otherwise there would be shots of me looking at the camera all the time! We are SO excited to see what he comes up with when the video arrives!


Zoe @ Queen of Hearts Beauty – For making me look alive and beautiful for a full 24hrs!


I am SO lucky to have this lady in my life! Not only is she just the most lovely, beautiful person but she is also a dab hand with a make up brush (and creates some bloody amazing nails!). How could I NOT have Zoe do my make up for the big day?! I honestly cannot thank her enough for making me feel beautiful and providing me with a face of make up which lasted ALL day and even looked perfect when I woke up (I’m a terrible person and don’t take my make up off!). My mumma and megan also had their make up done and looked stunning! I would thoroughly recommend that you get a bit of Zoe in your lives, quick sharp!

Sare @ Dollie Mixtures – For being so amazing and patient with me!

Not only did she do a fab job on my brows a few days before the wedding, but on wedding eve, she checked up on me when I missed my appointment (which shows just how much pressure we were under because I NEVER miss the chance for a pampering) and then rearranged her own life to be able to accommodate me and my stupidity! She set my hair in the most magical pin curls ready for the big day and calmed both me and mumma O down in the middle of a hectic day! Those curls lasted an amazing amount of time and I will definitely be getting more done whenever I can get away with it!

Weddings cars of Herts – for providing the most beautiful transport!

Our transport was the most beautiful Rolls Royce, it was stunning and so comfortable! Our driver was the BEST as well! So warm and friendly, even stopping off on the way to the church to waste a bit of time because for the first time in my life I was early! The service from beginning to end was perfect and I can’t praise them highly enough!

Bensons Wedding Cars – For well and truly saving our bacon!

It wasn’t just our original videographer who let us down, we also got let down by the company providing the brdiesmaids cars! Bensons came to the rescue and provided us with a beautiful stretched Mercedes to take the girls and my mumma to the church and then on to the priory! Fantastic communication the entire time and yet again another lovely chauffeur! 

St Mary’s Church, Graveley – For allowing us to get married and holding a beautiful ceremony!


We both absolutely love the community at St Mary’s and have been going regularly for a little while now! Reverend Dave is amazing and held a perfect ceremony, better than we could have ever wished for!


Lee Smith @ Walkabout Magic – For adding a bit of magic to the day!IMG_0238

I knew, ever since he was booked as a surprise for my 18th birthday that I wanted to book Lee for my wedding (optimistic on my part I know, but someone decided to marry me!). True to form, he was amazing on the day and all of the guests are still trying to work it all out! Everyone LOVED him and I’m not surprised in the slightest! He even stayed later than he was meant to so that everyone got a chance to experience a bit of the magic!


The Good Booth Company – For the incredible photos they helped to capture!

Oh my, the album is incredible and everyone had so much fun! The booth attendants were wonderful and so helpful and friendly! They even found Stu to give him the album and USB before they left, which meant that we could look through something at the end of the night! I would THOROUGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a photobooth for any event. We chose the style, background and font of our photos so everything was exactly as we wanted it!


The Staff at Hitchin Priory – For EVERYTHING on the day!

Every member of staff at the Priory played a huge part in the incredibly smooth running of our big day! We can’t express in words just how much everyone helped make the whole day perfect. So much hard work was going on behind the scenes and we are well aware of it! From serving the booze, to getting us in the right place at the right time, everyone was incredible!


That’s all the suppliers but I will be writing a huge thank you post for all the friends and family who helped us along the way!


A x


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