Surprise spa, Secret messages and Sweet treats!

On Sunday 23rd April, my wonderful bridal party surprised me YET AGAIN with a trip to Bannatynes Spa in Stotfold! I was instructed to be at mother hen’s for 9:30am and Stuart had been briefed to pack some swimwear (brave, I usually take ages to choose something, but fear not, he did well!). We hopped in the car and began driving to the mystery location, but I must admit, but the time we started driving towards Stotfold, I had guessed what we were doing and started to panic about my stubbly legs! (Thank the LORD that I am blonde hahaha!).

When we had parked up, we were met at the door by Megan and Rhi and popped in to get our bags, robes and slippers before being joined by Suzy shortly after! We then headed straight to the pool and after panicking about the noisy water aerobics class and whether we would have to end up taking part or not, we settled on the steam room until it was safe to emerge! The steam room and the hot tub were our favourites until we went upstairs to dry off before lunch. That is when we discovered the heated beds. I think its safe to say that each and every one of us now wants one at home, they are SO relaxing and perfect for napping on (eh Suzy?). I won’t mention lunch, although delicious, we were starving and all got a little hangry at the wait haha! Afterwards though, we headed back to the steam room and hot tub for a bit more cleansing before our mini treatments.

Now its probably best to mention that the last time I went to a Bannatynes, I was with Megan, we hadn’t known each other long, and we were asked if we wanted to shower together… it was, all round, a pretty hilarious experience! This time however, I was on my own and had a thoroughly relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage and a facial (Megan chose this one and those who know us, will know exactly why, the filthy girl!). We then headed straight back to the heated beds for a bit more relaxing before getting dressed and going back to mums!

Just check out those AMAZING slippers Megan made me! ❤

When we got back to mums, we were joined by Jodie as the girls were all trying on their dresses for the last time before the big day! It was a bit hectic but they all still fit with only little tweeks here and there courtesy of Mummy! We also got to unwrap our creations from Pots of Art, all of which are incredibly professional looking, of course! We were even joined by Kim very briefly so got to see her unwrap her beautiful owl mug aswell!

Once everyone was all dressed up and ready, we hopped in the cars and went to afternoon tea at Letchworth Hall Hotel. I am a huge fan of the afternoon tea here as it was absolutely beautiful when we came for my grandma’s 90th birthday party and of course, for that reason, it also holds a special place in my heart. It’s safe to say that this time, it also did not disappoint, every part of it was wonderful from the service down to the food. I had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back already. I was also handed a book which was filled with messages from lots of the girls who came to parts of the hen do and pictures of me with each of them! It’s something I will treasure forever!

So, once again, thank you so much to everyone who has made my pre-wedding celebrations so special, it means the world to me to have so many people be a part of them and to be excited for our special day!

Speak soon!

A x


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