Bark Marlberg and the Bluebells (or lack thereof)

Photographs are such a HUGE part of my life, so of course when it came to our wedding day, we wanted to make sure we had the best possible photos to document the day!

I’ve already discussed my love for our wonderful photographer so I won’t go over it again (sorry Hayley!) but when we met for our engagement shoot, it just proved even more that she is a great fit! Stuart won’t mind me saying (and if he does, then tough!) that he can be a little awkward at times, especially in forced situations. It was so important to me that he didn’t feel like it on the day. Even I felt nervous for what was to come but even Stu said that the experience of the shoot was so much fun and he felt relaxed in front of the camera. HOORAY!

We decided to have our shoot in Box Wood, somewhere we had been many times to walk Marley and explore! So we met Hayley in Great Ashby Park and wandered over to the woods while chatting about the wedding plans and updating her on everything, after all, it had been almost two whole years since we first met her!

After we had ventured far into the woods, we soon discovered that there were no bluebells to pose  with, so opted to stand among the towering trees. If you ever get a chance, please go and have a little wander, it just feels so magical! (There are also a lot of dens in there which look freaking cool!)

Having chatted all the way there, we both felt a lot more relaxed already and with Hayley’s guidance, we posed a bit, and other times, just had a chat while she took some more natural shots. Of course, Marls did steal a little (or a lot) of the limelight, but with me for a mother, shoving a camera in his face all the time, he has a great tolerance for having his photo taken! (I’m not even kidding, he will sit for a photo and not move until he has heard a click or seen a flash, it’s pretty impressive really).

And then….the wait. We only had to wait three days to see some preview photos from our shoot (and it won’t be too long now before we see the rest of them which I am redonk excited about!!) and it was so worth the constant refreshing (Sorry Ju, I promise, I was paying attention when we were shopping really!).

So here we are, a few photos from our shoot with the ever-wonderful and talented Hayley!

Credit: Hayley Pettit





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