Pottery, Penises and Party-time!

This weekend was the most amazing weekend ever!! It was my HEN DO!

With the house looking like a bomb had hit it because wedding crafts are life right now in the Otto-Woolgar mansion, I spent Saturday morning blitzing the house with Stu (who had already done the majority of it while I was swanning around the shops in Bath with mum!). I was then picked up after lunch by my mummy and we headed back to hers to await Suzy before then heading to Pots of Art in Hitchin!

We met the girls there and headed straight in for some pottery painting and gossip accompanied by prosecco and an abundance of nibbles! We stayed for a grand total of two and a half hours and it was so much fun and really chilled, I’ll definitely be heading back there soon to make some more masterpieces!

Once we had all finished up and handed over our artwork for firing in the kiln, we made our way to my house to get ready to go out….or so I thought! The reason mum had picked me up was not for logistics reasons but in fact so that the wonderful Megwan could infiltrate my house and cover it in balloons, banners, games and penis confetti (which I will be leaving out for as long as I can possibly get away with!) I was SO surprised and I bloody loved it!


With the nibbles out and the alcohol flowing, we got to the games! First up was the wedding dress competition! The girls split into two teams and I judged! The competition was tough, they were both beautiful gowns (and now I’m worried incase mine just doesn’t match up!) but Nic, Jodie, Mum and Jane won because they added sparkle and most importantly, the dress stayed in one piece! Haha!

Next up was pin the willy on the naked man! Naturally I went first and I am usually USELESS at anything like it but I was pretty proud of my attempt and ended up the closest of them all!



Time had most definitely run away from us and we then had a break to get ready for the evening and soon, with everyone in their finery, we headed out to Hitchin for some cocktails and food!

Now let me just tell you, if you EVER go to Pitcher and Piano, please try their JD Honey cocktail because my lord, its amazing! Lovely Nicola and Michelle kept me watered with those and I VERY much appreciated them! After those swift ones, we wandered up to Hermitage Rd for some food (and obviously more cocktails). All plans were scuppered when our table wasn’t ready and so the decoration couldn’t take place as Megan had wished BUT they gave us a free drink each for the delay so we were all happy campers! We were soon seated so barely even noticed and then came the next game! Mr and Mrs! It’s safe to say that there are things I have learned about Stuart and I didn’t do so well but hey! If it was a quiz on mind reading we probably would have smashed it! haha! Also, people have learned more about me in the process, gross things, but still, We all had a giggle at my potato fire incident as well which is always an ice-breaker!

And then…. the food! Oh my! We were all starving so it all went down very well but it was so so delicious! I had the salmon to start and then steak for my main and they were absolutely perfect. Topped off with a chocolate cocktail (or two, thanks Megan!) and it was just dreamy.

It was then time to test the girls on how much they knew about me! Even I couldn’t answer some of the questions! Megan and Suzy came out on top, both scoring 19/30, which is worrying, because my mum was there and didn’t get 30!

The evening started to wind down and we had cocktails and chatted, it was just wonderful! When the last 4 remained, we headed back to Pitcher and Piano for one last tipple (and now Suzy is going to fight me for the Chambord at the wedding) before being picked up and heading home to bed!

Honestly, the whole day was better than I could have ever imagined and I am so grateful for all the effort that was put in and to everyone for attending and making it just perfect! So thank you girls, you’ve made me one very happy bride to be!


A x

P.s. I still have another afternoon tea hen do to look forward to as well! I’m thoroughly spoiled!


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