A very long overdue update

Wow…well it has been way too long since I last wrote an update on how the wedding plans have been going. It has been incredibly hectic but I’ve loved it! So here are a few things that have been happening!

  1. The Wedding Rings

After looking for a ridiculously long time, we finally ordered our wedding rings! Stuarts was nice and standard and we ordered that online through Goldsmiths and although the contact from them was pretty lapse when it came to ordering such an expensive item, the service other times was fab.

And then we had to find my  wedding ring… it was surprisingly difficult! We asked Goldsmiths what they recommended as the shape meant that I would need something curved and, although pretty, they just aren’t for me! So they sent us away, advising us to get one made to fit my ring. All very elaborate when I just wanted a plain band! We went to Harriet Kelsall in Weston which was just beautiful and I would thoroughly recommend giving it a little visit. The service was wonderful and I have no doubt that the quality of the jewellery is 5*. However, although the design was perfect, the price tag was a little more than we could justify. So we decided to have a look around and see where else would offer a similar service. There are a number of places where you can have a bespoke ring made, nearby and online but we decided to stick as local as possible because the thought of leaving my engagement ring far away or posting it anywhere just filled me with dread! So I asked around and we ended up going into Wilde in Hitchin. Measurements were taken and thankfully I knew exactly what I wanted so a little plan was drawn to take to the man who makes a lot of the beautiful jewellery they have there! I returned with my ring later in the week and they gave us an exact quote of about half the price we had resigned ourselves to paying if we couldn’t find anything else! (It would have obviously still been worth it but WAHEY saving money!). So we went straight ahead and a few weeks later, picked up both my wedding ring and my engagement ring. I will do a post about it after the big day to explain just why I needed something bespoke!

  1. The Dress pick up and try on!

I picked up my wedding dress in March and it was such a fantastic feeling! We bought it in November 2015 so I had been waiting a blooming long time for this moment. Naturally, mumma took my picture outside of The White Wardrobe and we carefully transported it home and stored it in the wedding room! The following Tuesday, we ventured to Emily Victoria White in Knebworth high street where I tried it on for the first time in a year and a bit and the first time ever putting my very own one on. It felt amazing, so magical! Emily is also such a lovely person and I trust her completely with making some fairly hefty alterations to my beautiful dress after my weight loss. Since then I have even had my second fitting and it is just so gorgeous I can’t wait to share it with everyone! To this day, its only me, mummy, Nicola the dress lady and Emily who have seen it and know what it’s like! Is it something just completely me? Are you in for a shock? Is it really a bra and hot pants? Am I really just going nudist for the day? You’ll have to wait and see!

  1. The Banns

Stuart and I have been attending church services for the past few weeks because our Banns have been read! I am pleased to report that we are now officially allowed to get married! Much to Megan’s delight, my middle name was definitely read as Binky one week which was rather hilarious.

  1. The 8 week appointment

I LOVE OUR WEDDING COORDINATOR – there I said it. She is amazing. She just totally gets us and knows where we are going with things, which is no mean feat when I barely know myself! She also informed us that we are doing the most she has seen a bride and groom do themselves. Are we ambitious or just insane? Again, I can’t divulge much but there will we a series of post wedding blogs to cover all the bits and pieces.

  1. The Videographer

Well. What do you do when your videographer cancels 50 days before you are due to get married? Don’t tell your Fiance and instead find a replacement and book them and THEN tell her would be Stu’s advice. I’d take it if you ever have the misfortune to have it happen to you. (Can you tell I am still pissed?)

Thankfully, Stu booked a fabulous new videographer who looks amazing and I am so thrilled! His work looks incredible and I am very very excited! We now have D.G Pictures (www.dgpictures.co.uk) capturing our day and I am already excited to watch it! Boy did good. Very good!

  1. The engagement shoot

I wish Stuart hadn’t reminded me of the scene in Masterminds with Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis where they have their engagement shoot. I’ll wait a minute while you watch it here…

…do you see why now? The song was in my head the ENTIRE TIME we were there!

We decided to take marls and introduce him to our freaking amazing photographer Hayley (www.hayleypettitphotography.com). I love her…so much. Stuart might have a problem on his hands here! We had such a fab time and everything was just so easy, but I will write more about this with some of the preview photos!

  1. The stag

Thanks to the wonder that is Mr Trussell and his fantastic ideas (that sounds sarcastic, but I am being deadly serious), Stu and his merry men ventured out to London on Sunday to a Wrestlemania event. I dropped Stu and his WWE Belt and some beers off at the train station at 6pm and picked them up (minus the beers) at 7:15am the next morning! From what I have since managed to get out of him in between naps since he got back, he had a fantastic time and was so grateful for everyone making the effort to celebrate with him!

That’s an incredibly brief summary of all the things that have gone on since the last update! We have been DIYing, practicing, planning and finalising bits and pieces and our house looks like Hobbycraft got kicked out of its mum’s house and just moved into ours along with all its poor housework skills (not ours may I add, we just cannot possibly hide any more of it!) there is literally a craft project on every surface! Still, everything is coming together and although we are drowning in a sea of ribbons, cardboard, spray paint and other bits and pieces, we can see the light and everything is coming together nicely!

Until the next time!
A x


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