The end of wedding season and the beginning of invitations

It’s all getting incredibly real for us at the moment as we attended our last wedding as an unmarried couple last week (which was beautiful by the way!).

After attending a grand total of 6 weddings this year, it is finally time to completely focus on our own!

I’ve spent months tweaking our invites which I designed and had Stuart approve (I have to let him choose SOME things I guess) and now is the time to print and prep them, ready for a night of envelope stuffing that Henry Ford himself would be proud of. Don’t worry, all my helpers will be well fed as I’m planning on making an event of it (when do I not?!).

SO, all being well, I’ll have the first set of daytime invites sent out by the end of November. Then the real work begins! I made a list of all my DIY tasks and it’s a little concerning but VERY exciting. Fingers crossed it all works!

Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to blog about soon aswell once all the balls get rolling!

Speak soon!

A x


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