A quick little update!

Hello again!

With just under 8 months to go until the wedding, I thought I would write another little post.

Throughout the entire planning process, much to the dismay of my mumma at times, I have tried to save money wherever I possibly can. For anyone that truly knows me, it is completely understandable because I hate wasting money! (or even spending it at all really!)

I have taken it upon myself to do the flowers, centrepieces, top table centrepiece and various other bits and pieces, and quite frankly, I am REALLY enjoying it! Of course I have had the help of bridesmaids, mumma and Stu along the way but all in all, I think it’s going to be amazing to see it all come together. I already feel really proud of all of my little projects, and there are A LOT of them!

Another way I have managed to cut costs down, is by using mumma O’s adaptable skills and the powers of Youtube to learn how to do my hair for the big day! So far, we have been successful but thankfully we have a fair bit of time to fine-tune it! This goes for the bridesmaids hair aswell but that is a whole different story! Try finding a hairstyle that will work in 5 different types of hair, I have, quite frankly, lost the will to Pin.

I have, however, booked the wonderful Zoe at Queen of Hearts Beauty to paint my face for the day (Make up that is, not some sort of bizarre tiger face…although actually…)! No one needs to put up with me when I’m stressing over my lack of competency when it comes to putting on make up and especially not on the day of my wedding! Zoe has previously done my make up for another wedding and I felt so beautiful all day (and, because I am an awful human being and never take my make up off at night, I had a full face of perfect make up the next morning aswell!). Go and check her out on Facebook!

So really, everything is going to plan at the moment and I have even finished the designing of the invitations and everything that goes with them! I’ll be sending those out in two sets with the first going out in November/December so it really is getting very exciting!

We have now properly met the wedding planner at the venue aswell now, so all the dates are booked in for tasting the menu etc. (the menu tasting is the only one I can remember because…well…I am mainly interested in the food!) and I’m starting to be able to picture the day a lot easier with all the timings in place!

There has been a lot of talk of Hen Do planning lately, so with so long until the wedding, I’m becoming increasingly concerned with what they have up their sleeves!

Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon!

A x



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