Under a year to go!

Well that certainly flew by! We now have under a year to go until we get married, which means that this time next year, I will be a wife! AND we’ll be on our honeymoon!

Since I last posted, we have done a fair bit of work on the planning! We now have:

  • A videographer
  • The girls’ dresses
  • The suit have been decided on
  • The boys’ shoes
  • Centrepieces
  • Table names
  • I’ve designed the invites
  • We’re getting closer to a finalised guest list
  • The girls’ flowers have been chosen

They seem like teeny things but I am so happy to be able to tick them off my list. It has always been my plan to have the wedding all sorted by Christmas (apart from the RSVPs and table plan obviously!) and I should think that we are well on our way to being able to do that!

This one is short but sweet but as we are now getting closer to the finish line, I’ll post some more snippets of what we are up to! That is quite difficult when I want to keep a fair bit a surprise but I’ll give it my best shot! I might even get Stu in on this and make him write something else… watch this space…

Until next time!

A x



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