Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Why hello there! Long time, no see! I have discovered that the problem with having so long to plan a wedding is that we have SO LONG to plan a wedding! Everything is just so spaced out. But then again, it is a blessing because it means better prices and less stress and for that, I’ll wait as long as we have to!

So what have we got sorted? I hear you exclaim! WELL, the date, venue and photographer (and a cheeky extra surprise) are done, done and done (and done!). This is about as much as we can do so far in advance but I would say that’s a fair chunk sorted. It definitely doesn’t stop me looking at everything else we’re going to need.

The venue and date, as I’m sure you’ll understand are a bit of a secret at the moment, a poorly kept one in our close circles, but a secret nonetheless. The photographer on the other hand, I would like to shout from the rooftops. We love her. If you want to check out her work, she’s called Hayley Pettit (Hayley Pettit Photography on Facebook and Everyone had told me to look around and meet several photographers before making a decision so I did the obligatory google search and found Hayley. We looked at her work and decided to meet with her to see if we clicked. It was really important (as it is for anyone really) that we felt comfortable around the person who is going to be documenting our day. What would be worse than having pictures of you and your partner looking awkward and uncomfortable on the happiest day of your lives?! (Stuart is awkward at the best of times so lord knows what he would be like when he is nervous!). We both left the meeting and agreed that she was just SO lovely and friendly that it would be amazing to have her and no one else would do! BUT it just seemed way too soon to book, especially after having everyone tell us (and reading everywhere) that you should shop around and meet several different people.  So, around a couple of months ago now, we e-mailed to ask if she would be available for the wedding AND SHE WAS! We signed the contract a few days later when it was posted through to us along with a beautiful little thank you card for choosing her! Little touches like that just make everything a little bit more special. If you happen to be looking for someone to photograph your big day, I highly recommend that you go and check her out!

Now that most of the relatively big things are sorted, I’ve just been having a hunt around for the little bits but I know that I am just so indecisive that everything will probably change anyway. I just can’t resist a little peek on Pinterest every now and then! This is highly dangerous by the way… I know I’m creative and love a bit of DIY, but really? If I tried most of those things they would end up in the bin!

One big search that I’m going to have to sort fairly soon is for the Bridesmaids dresses….or rather, the patterns for them! Mumma O is rather talented when it comes to dressmaking and has kindly offered to make the girls dresses! Much like my prom dress, I don’t fancy having them in something that someone else might have (well, apart from the other 4 girls standing next to them!) not that there is anything wrong with the beautiful dresses out there, but I like to be a little different. Thankfully, being the obliging bunch that they are, they have all agreed on a sort of style, it’s just up to me now to find some options!

So they are the first big things we have got done and dusted! I figured that it might be quite useful to list a few of the lessons I learn along the way so here goes with my first 3 lessons of wedding planning!

Things that I have learned so far:

1.       I am nowhere near as quirky as I would like to think

I joined the Rock n Roll Bride facebook group and MAN are those guys creative! I love their ideas but honestly? I just can’t do it! I think I am way more traditional deep down than I thought. Nothing screams wedding to me more than a slap up three course meal in a delicately decorated room or marquee with everyone sitting on chairs with sashes on! That being said, I will endeavour to find a number of different ways to put my little touch on things! And I definitely have a few little surprises up my sleeve.

2.       Spending money is very hard. But necessary.

Now anyone who truly knows me, knows that my love of money outweighs my need for most things. However, weddings are very expensive, even when you do a lot of things yourself! I’ve learned that some things you really should invest in (photos! I refuse to look anything less than amazing in those babies!) and others, well, unless they are something you have always dreamed of having, ditch them if your budget is small, hell, even if it isn’t (I know I love chocolate but I refuse to pay £600 for a chocolate fountain, think how many bars of Aero that could buy me! Or even SHOES!).  I’m trying to come up with magnificent ways to keep people entertained on a budget so watch this space!
There are other ways rather than cutting the things you want! Why not try and get a better deal on the venue? Less people? More alcohol for each person! Great! We even delayed booking to get a free bar tab so there are ways to get extra even if you are still paying the same amount! Also, the earlier you book things, the better price you will get!

3.       Go with your gut!

I’ve always believed that if you have a gut feeling about something, go with it. We spent months umming and ahhing about something that deep down we knew the answer to and eventually just went with it and Ta da! Photographer sorted! There is nothing more satisfying than just going with your own feeling about something and it working out perfectly! Although, do make sure you do some research around the options first! (Phew, now you can’t blame me if it goes wrong!)

Until next time!


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