Meet the Bridesmaids

I have been bugged about this post for a while now so I thought why not use this blog post to write this cheeky little number!

I never thought it would be difficult choosing bridesmaids, and for me I wish I could have a few more but these girls all mean the world to me and I love them each individually for their little quirks and wonderful personalities! So here goes…

Jodie Hughes


If there are only two things I know about Jodie, they are that 1. She will be thrilled to be first (but would have expected it anyway) and 2. She will hate me for bringing this photo to the attention of the world again.

I have known Jodie (or to me, Sills (inside joke)) since Year 7 of St. Francis. Throughout school we had an on-and-off friendship with no arguments whatsoever (No mean feat in an all girls school!) but she has always been one of my best friends and someone who I know will ALWAYS tell me the truth,  regardless of what I want to hear.

If you need someone who will always be there for you and tell you when you are being ridiculous while still being sassy from head to toe, Jodie is your girl, but not really, she’s mine.

It’s also very difficult to take her places, because most of what comes out of her mouth is hilarious and probably unintentionally so, which makes having a normal conversation 10x harder but 1000x more fun.

How could I not have her as a bridesmaid? I literally love this girl so much!

Rhiannon Barry


Ohhhh Rhi. We are mistaken for sisters, each other, lovers, the lot. She’s literally me but born *cough*2 years later*cough*. We met at work and when I left, I soon learned that life was tough without her, so I cornered her for lunch dates and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m pretty sure if she wasn’t involved in our wedding day, I would feel like a piece of me is missing so I guess she might aswell be a bridesmaid!

Plus I’m pretty scared she would beat me up or something, she’s getting pretty strong now.

Megan Rudd


Megwan, the newest of the troops and one that I literally feel lost without now we no longer share an office. It’s like taking a limb from me. Even though I think its my secret (even to me) mission in life to do nothing but annoy her and make her cry by accident, I love this girl.  If it’s not our shared love of Bridesmaids and film references that brought us together, it’s our ridiculously in-sync personalities. We spent almost every day together for a year and a half and went through so much that I know this girl is going to be a best friend for life! She also definitely gave one of the best responses to being asked to be a bridesmaid!

Emily Jarvis


I think me and Emily become friends in arguably the weirdest way possible. It’s not often that you make friends after sharing an ex-boyfriend (not at the same time!) but in this case, we were very lucky! We’ve stuck by each other through a number of challenges and I know this girl will be there when I really need her and she knows that I’m always there when she needs me!

She also lets me lead her into all sorts of mischief which bodes well with me!

Suzy Berry (technically, Woolgar)


Suzy, Suzy, Suzy… my future official sister-in-law. She’s already just like a big sister anyway regardless of the legalities! I secretly forced her into friendship by sending her a ridiculous amount of links for adorable dresses for Maisy (Neicey and flower girl!). Turns out, we share opinions on an awful lot of things and were looking at wedding things WAY before it was necessary for either of us! When she got married to Stu’s brother last September, not only was I so happy that I almost cried (it’s pretty difficult to make me cry, it usually takes anything involving animals) and I then had the honour of being her Bridesmaid.


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