Meet the Best Men

This week I thought I would introduce you to the first set of friends selected to join our wedding party! The Best Men!

As an avid Pinterest user, I had been trawling through pages of ways to ask my bridesmaids when I stumbled upon a wonderful little way for the Groom to ask those all important men in his life to be his wing men for the day!

And so, we created these little gems!


I think it’s best that Stuart tells you a little more about his newly appointed Best Men and why he asked them, so I shall hand you over to the Groom-to-be…

Ryan ‘Rodney’ Nevill


Whilst I’ve known Ryan since we were 11 years old starting off at Secondary school, it wasn’t until towards the end of our time at school that we properly starting hanging out when he joined the band I had formed a year prior. From then on our friendship grew from creating and sharing music together, spending the majority of our Summers bowling and an unhealthy obsession, according to Amelia, of pro wrestling. When it comes to pro wrestling nothing is bigger than Wrestlemania so in our yearly tradition of staying up to watch it, I asked Ryan to be my best man.

He has been there for me in hard times and even when we were both miles away at university we have managed to stay close friends. It only makes sense for Ryan to be a big part of our special day.

Karl Izgi


Karl can predict the future. Before myself and Amelia had met he said the words “You and my friend Amelia would be great together”. Obviously I had never met the girl and thought it was a typical thing for somebody to say about their friend. Little did I know, he was right, she is perfect for me.

I’ve known Karl for about 7 years, meeting at a mutual friends party and after that spending many hours talking on MSN. Our friendship is built over video games (anything zombie related) and TV shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I’ve spent many a night slobbing around with Karl eating fatty foods and watching whatever is on TV.
This was how I thought to ask him, inviting him and his partner over for a relaxing evening. He was so grateful for the invite but he needn’t be, because like Ryan he is the perfect best man.

Next week Amelia shall be introducing you to her bridesmaids all of whom I am very happy to be sharing our big day with.
I may get another chance to contribute again to this blog if Amelia believes I’ve done a good job in this post tonight!


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