Permageddon, Pink fluff and Proposals

Well, well, well.. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a wonderful response to my first post! Thank you all very much for taking the time to read and give me feedback on my little musing of our proposal. So, I thought why not carry on! I plan on doing one a week (maybe not so much if nothing wedding related has happened that week, but I am sure I can find something to chat about) to keep people updated!

So, that leads me to the tale of a rather lovely Sunday full of new experiences!

I saw the National Wedding Fair advertised all over the place (probably because the only places I’ve been looking recently have been wedding related!) and thought ‘hey, why not go and see whats out there!’. So I got a group of us together by persuading them with cake samples and alcohol!

Mum, Megan, Rhi and I headed off at an hour that I didn’t even know existed on a Sunday (8:30am) and drove down to London to meet Jodie at the ExCel.

After getting lost in the car park, we headed upstairs, me donning my ‘Bride to be’ sash and the girls attaching their little pink fluffy badges (provided by Jodie of course!), and began trawling the stalls at the Fair which, I must admit, was a lot smaller than I had imagined. I pictured us staying for about 4 hours and then heading home to recuperate for the rest of the day. I clearly do a lot of underestimating! We were there for the entire day, walking up and down and back and forth trying to enter all of the competitions I could find (I say that as if I HADN’T printed off a list of all the stalls with offers and competitions!).

I asked the girls to come up with a word that would sum up the day for them and I got ‘Exciting’, ‘Overwhelming’ and ‘Exhausting’ to name but a few! Secretly, I think Megan’s would be ‘Neil’ because she totally fangirled when she spotted Blake Harrison and his fiance (Who wears a cap indoors on a hot day to be inconspicuous?!). I would say my word would be ‘cover-up’ because I was merely used as a pawn in their game to gain more free samples by making me speak to any vendors they could while continuously filling their mouths with cake and chocolate! I have also noticed that my lying skills are becoming somewhat refined as I have learned that anyone at a fair who finds out your wedding is quite a while away, won’t really speak to you properly!

It’s safe to say that we got our money’s worth out of the day, with catwalk shows, trying dresses on, eating as many samples as we could get our hands on, watching 80s rock tribute bands and having an all round amazing day. I got to spend the day with some of my favourite people who conveniently also served as rather handy dress carriers when it came to a last minute trying on session! Its safe to say that I won’t ask them to hold the back of my dress down the aisle as Megan’s arms would fall off and Jodie would be curled up asleep on it.

I also asked them a special little question of my own…..

Meet a selection of my Bridesmaids! (as well as me and the beautiful mother of the bride!)



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