Flamingos, the Eye and Burgers and Fries

Welcome to our wedding blog!

The aim is to write a couple of posts a month just updating whoever might be interested in how the planning is going and what we have been up to! We’re planning on spending a while saving and not getting hitched until 2017 so this is a bit of a lengthy project but a fun one nonetheless.

I thought I would start with the story of how it happened… the proposal that even I, the girl who has been meticulously planning everything wedding related, didn’t even guess was about to happen!

It was Saturday 21st February (and strangely, the day after Suzy (my soon-to-be-official sister-in-law) and I had visited the Wedding Dress Exhibition at the V&A) and we had planned to go to London for the day to celebrate Stu officially becoming my longest relationship, something that he really wanted to achieve! I was joking with several people that he may just wait until this day to break up with me just to gain that title but oh, could I have been more wrong!

We started the day on a packed train, being separated, pushed up against strangers and eavesdropping on a northerner’s conversation who didn’t seem to understand the concept of a saveloy. We soon nipped off the train at Kings Cross and headed for the tube which we got to Regents Park. I should mention that this day was a recreation of our first date (we had already been together about a month when this happened but it’s the thought that counts really!). We walked through the park enjoying watching all the dogs running around us while I complained that it was cold and that ‘we could have picked a better day to do this!!’ but after about 20 minutes we arrived at London Zoo! As we wandered round looking at all the monkeys, tortoises and other adorable animals, Stu was determined that we went to see the flamingos. Of course, this wasn’t even an issue for me as they are one animal that I certainly do not miss out when on a trip to the zoo!

The moment arrived when we got to the Flamingos and I made sure to get lots of pictures as I knew mum would want to see them aswell. Stu asked for a picture of me standing with them and, always happy to pose, I stood beaming infront of the flock of beautiful pink birds.

And then it happened. Stu pulled out a card with ‘Christmas Wishes’ printed on the front. “Christmas Wishes?!” I exclaimed, confused why in late February I might now be receiving a Christmas card or gift! (Not that I was complaining, I love both of these things!). I opened the card and went into what seemed like a dream world. Written in Stuart’s unmistakeable handwriting were the words ‘Stephen and Isy, In 58 days time, I would like to ask your daughter to marry me, may I have your blessings to do so?’ with two tick boxes, a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’. Of course, my parents had ticked the yes box! Why wouldn’t they?! I looked up from the card, shaking, to see Stuart begin to pull out a ring from his jacket pocket and proceed to get down on one knee… to be quite honest with you, it is all still a huge blur but I can just remember the moment of sheer happiness that flooded over me!

And of course I said yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be here would we?!

For about 15 minutes after, I was hysterical, crying tears of happiness. Eventually, I calmed down enough to take some pictures and send them to my nearest and dearest as well as call my parents and ask them how they could lie to me for so long?!?! It took about half an hour for everything to calm down enough for me to ask Stuart all about his plans but a lovely man and his family had seen how happy we were and me constantly looking at my left hand and came over to say congratulations. Thankfully, I managed to say ‘Thank you’ before bursting into another flood of tears.

For the rest of the trip around the zoo, I was telling the story time after time to my extremely excited friends, while still enjoying the zoo and trying to absorb what had just happened! We stopped for some chocolate as I had still not stopped shaking and went to see a few more animals before heading off to the London Eye.

All through the underground and round the streets, I tested my ring in different lights to see how sparkly it was, I still do it now, two months later! (Asda seem to have the best lighting locally, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted!)

We hopped on the Eye and took in the breathtaking view of a city that is so very special to us, as well as the view of a couple in a private pod next to us also getting engaged! (However adorable, it doesn’t outshine our moment!).

After our spin on the Eye, we headed off to Maxwell’s in Covent Garden, our restaurant, where we spotted Ruth and Eamon having a cheeky bite to eat before a show! We settled down for an amazing celebratory meal with top-notch service as always and I can also confirm that the lighting in the window seat is perfect for viewing any big shiny diamonds you may have acquired that day! About halfway through the meal, as his timing was impeccable as always, we got a phone call from one hysterical Karl who was beyond excited for us both and made no secret of it. Just seeing the outpouring of love for us as a couple that day was incredible.

As soon as we had finished, we headed back home where my mumma had been sneaky and left us a bundle of engagement goodies and beautiful flowers!

So there’s our proposal story and I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.



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